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Our partners play an important role in helping you reach, engage and assess more learners. Discover how you can extend your Blackboard products to deliver a richer, more engaging educational experience for your learners, no matter what your unique needs may be.

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Wiley PLUS logo

WileyPLUS >

Digital content in higher education is advancing rapidly—moving from static content to dynamic digital assets that provide for personalized, interactive learning. That’s why Blackboard and John Wiley & Sons have partnered to deliver all the benefits of WileyPLUS within the familiar Blackboard Learn™ platform.



wēpa is a cloud-based print solution developed specifically for higher education that encompasses everything needed to support printing on campus. Our turn-key solution eliminates all campus staff involvement in purchasing printers, warranties, toners and paper. The print station network is monitored by wēpa staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system communicates frequent health alerts, eliminating issues while maintaining high uptime standards.


Vivonet >

Vivonet is a Software as a Service provider. We process millions of transactions every month for customers in the restaurant industry across Canada and the United States. Our mission is to help every restaurant in the world succeed by turning transactions into insights and opportunities.

Video Insight

Video Insight >

Video Insight is a leading IP video surveillance management software used by over 25,000 customers in the financial, government, retail, and transportation sectors with a very strong presence in the education market consisting of 4,500 K-12 school/college customers. Video Insight is the easiest and most cost-effective enterprise VMS with support for over 2,400 camera models and integration with the top access control solutions in the market.

Vista Higher Learning

Vista Higher Learning >

Vista Higher Learning was founded in 2000 as a publisher focused exclusively on world languages. We are committed to helping people communicate across languages and cultures. It is our belief that it is essential to prepare students for a world in which learning another language is a necessity, not a luxury. Language learning should be fun and rewarding, and all students should have the tools necessary for achieving success.


VeriFone >

Our devices and point-of-sale (POS) systems process every kind of payment type, comply with the latest point-of-sale global security standards, and take advantage of every connectivity option from WiFi to IP-enabled devices.

"UB" logo for University Beyond

University Beyond >

University Beyond is a recruitment and management platform for on-campus internships and brand ambassador programs. Our software connects students with jobs on-campus from startups to Fortune 500 brands. Additionally, they provide employers an all-inclusive dashboard for task management, communication, and payment processing. UB currently works with students on hundreds of campuses nationwide and over 150 brands.


Tapingo >

Tapingo is the complete mobile ordering solution for campuses and campus dining. Our customers benefit from improved quality of life for students, decreased operating costs, and increased revenue.


Skytap >

Skytap provides cloud-based virtual training environments to help enterprises deliver better hands-on software training. The integrated solution delivers an on-demand learning management experience that scales to meet the growing needs of the modern education services business.

T2 Systems

T2 Systems >

T2 Systems' focus is on our customers, giving you more solutions to make parking management as seamless as possible. Our real-time, cloud-hosted UNIFI Parking Management Platform—the parking industry’s most comprehensive solution suite for enforcement, processing and collections, permits, PARCS, multi-space pay stations, vehicle counting, and event parking—provides industry leading parking intelligence. Increase efficiency, improve ease of parking management, and boost revenue with our platform.


Sodexo >

Our goal is to be a leader in supporting student engagement and improving Quality of Life for the entire school community. By focusing on Quality of Life Services, we enhance the overall experience of a student’s educational journey, which helps to ensure their success. From preschool through post-grad, in public and private schools, and on campuses of every kind, Sodexo creates clean, safe living and learning environments that inspire and drive success.



Shop24 is the market-leading, self-contained, totally automated and refrigerated convenience store designed to enable 24/7 accessible consumer purchasing. Our stores are fast, accurate, easy to use, and stand alone in the diversity of products offered through automated retail.


Sharp >

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, markets the advanced, MX Series multifunction printer (MFP) systems that help companies manage workflow efficiently and increase productivity. Sharp also markets professional and commercial displays that are specially engineered for business applications and are offered in a wide range of sizes and varying capabilities.

Sequoia Retail Systems

Sequoia Retail Systems >

Sequoia Retail Systems, Inc. provides point-of-sale, e-commerce, mobile, and self-service kiosk solutions for the college and university marketplace. Closely integrated with Blackboard Transact and leading credit and debit card payment processing gateways, Sequoia's applications facilitate the secure processing of customer transactions while providing valuable management information to campus administrators.

S2 Security

S2 Security >

S2 Security is an independent manufacturer of IP-based physical security and video management systems that create a powerful, cost effective way to protect people, property and assets. Providing unmatched reliability and a 100% Web browser delivered user experience, S2 products are the physical security management systems of choice for Fortune 500, education, healthcare, manufacturing and government customers around the world.


Ricoh >

There’s an easy way to get documents into and out of your Blackboard Learn account. Ricoh combines the power of Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) with specially developed connectors to let you scan directly into Blackboard Learn and other cloud-based applications. Cloud technology makes printing easy too, with no network connection or print drivers required.


Respondus >

Respondus, Inc. develops assessment applications for the elearning market. Thousands of instructors at over 2,000 colleges and universities in over 50 countries use Respondus software to enhance the capabilities of their learning management systems. Respondus, Inc. also licenses its "next generation" test bank delivery system to publishing companies and offers supporting services.


ReadyTouch >

ReadyTouch provides cutting edge technology through point of sale systems. ReadyTouch systems are a great fit for onsite food service operations within corporations, schools, active adult communities, healthcare and more.


ReadSpeaker >

A leader in cloud-based text-to-speech (TTS) technology, ReadSpeaker works with more than 5000 clients worldwide, ranging from elementary schools to universities to governmental organizations and major media outlets, enabling learners of all ages to listen to text content. Their seamlessly integrated TTS feature is Blackboard-compatible, requires no downloads, and works on all supported devices and operating systems.


Quetzal >

Quetzal POS is an iPad-based point of sale system that helps you run your store efficiently and with style. The powerful feature set gives you advanced reporting and rich insights into your customers, all at the tip of your finger.

Pearson logo


Blackboard and Pearson have created integrated solutions that combine the proven results of MyLab & Mastering and REVEL with the power of Blackboard Learn. Now, Blackboard and Pearson are working together to meet customers’ expectations for a single, online course experience with grade transfer.


This integrated solutions are available to institutions around the world, with the exception of China and India.


Pharos >

Probing minds at Pharos are poised to deliver the best print solutions and meet the demands of the increasingly mobile world you work in. Pharos awarding-winning software and services help make print the way it should be: more secure, more cost-effective and more flexible. Let's discover the future of print together.Our devices and point-of-sale (POS) systems process every kind of payment type, comply with the latest point-of-sale global security standards, and take advantage of every connectivity option from WiFi to IP-enabled devices.


PaperCut >

PaperCut makes it easy to manage your devices without the complexity. We make print management as easy and pain free as possible. From simple tracking and monitoring of print jobs, to integrating BYOD printing or advanced custom job management, PaperCut can be up and running in minutes.


Odin, Inc. >

ODIN provides turn-key solutions to educational institutions that will increase sales and productivity. Let Odin help your school save time and money with a solution that is right for any size school. Fast, efficient, easy-to-use and affordable, Odin's class-leading POS system and MyKidsSpending solution get high marks from institutions across the country.

Oracle Micros

Oracle Micros >

MICROS offers fully-integrated point-of-sale (POS) solutions for restaurant clientele across the globe whether it be a standalone store or large chain with hundreds of locations. The POS systems provided by MICROS are not simple cash registers, but whole enterprise solutions with options for front-of-house management, back-office applications, restaurant and enterprise operations, providing the best possible customer experience.


Nuance >

At Nuance, we believe in the power of intelligent systems, and quite specifically what the power can do for you. Our innovations in voice, natural language understanding, reasoning and systems integration come together to create more human technology. Maintaining paper records of educational information is both tedious and costly. Nuance’s solutions help you get control and do more with less.


NT-Ware >

By reducing cost, improving security and increasing productivity, our technology is aimed at optimizing operations. We cooperate closely with our customers and partners around the world. All our working processes at NT-ware, including product development, are customer-oriented so that we and they can respond to market requirements and achieve real benefits.

Nebraska Book Company

Nebraska Book Company >

NBC is a company that serves over 2.1 million college students, and rents and sells more than 8.7 million textbooks annually, putting us in the backpacks of college students all over the United States. While we think students totally rock, we also serve a client base for which we install and support technology platforms and e-commerce sites at more than 1,200 stores.



NCR runs the everyday transactions that make your life easier. Our goal? To create exceptional experiences that keep customers coming back. We’re always inventing ways to make your business run smoothly and more profitably, so you can stay focused on what matters.


Morpho >

The world leader in biometric technologies, including fingerprint, palmprint, face and iris recognition, and the acknowledged expert in identification systems, Morpho has 40+ years of experience in biometric solutions. Morpho provides identification solutions to the FBI and DoD and over 50 percent of state and local government agencies. In addition, Morpho provides biometric access control terminals to government agencies and commercial enterprises alike.


Microsoft >

Blackboard and Microsoft are working together to combine the productivity enhancements of Office 365 with the flexible e-learning platform of Moodlerooms to provide an enhanced anywhere, anytime learning experience for both instructors and learners.

McGraw-Hill Education logo

McGraw-Hill Education >

Blackboard and McGraw-Hill have joined forces to help institutions meet the demands of the next generation of learners. Ubiquitous access, flexibility, and dynamic digital content are the new thresholds for learners’ expectations. That’s why Blackboard and McGraw-Hill are committed to continually driving the print-to-digital transformation.

Macmillan Learning

Macmillan Learning >

Blackboard and Macmillan Learning (representing Bedford/St. Martins, W.H. Freeman and Worth Publishers) provide seamless access to Macmillan’s LaunchPad, Portal and Class content directly within the Blackboard Learn platform. Tested and proven with instructors, this integration offers Macmillan’s renowned high quality content and innovative tools and provides flexibility for both instructors and students.

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MasterCard >

MasterCard Worldwide is a leading global payments solutions company that provides a family of well-known, widely-accepted payment card brands including MasterCard®, Maestro® and Cirrus® and serves consumers, financial institutions, and businesses in over 210 countries and territories worldwide.


LiveSafe >

LiveSafe provides a comprehensive student-centered safety solution that empowers both students and schools to identify problems and potential threats quickly in order to help make all members of the school community safer. Through a personal safety smartphone app and a cloud-based dispatch and command center, LiveSafe enables increased safety by creating a new two-way channel of communication between the community and safety officials.


Lynda.com >

Lynda.com is a leading online learning company that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to the lynda.com video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy >

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.

Jones & Bartlett

Jones & Bartlett >

Navigate transforms how students learn and instructors teach by bringing together authoritative and interactive content aligned to course objectives, with student practice activities and assessments, study planning and remediation, and powerful reporting tools that provide access to actionable data.

IntelliBoard.net logo

IntelliBoard.net >

IntelliBoard.net offers analytic and reporting services to education communities and institutions who use Moodle as their Learning Management System. We help extract the statistical data gathered available in Moodle and present it on a single dashboard in the form of printable charts, graphs, and multiple formatted reports.

IAD Learning

IAD Learning >

IAD Learning is adaptive e-Learning software, developed by iTopTraining, capable of connecting to Blackboard Learn and Moodlerooms Joule to extend their capabilities so institutions can provide adaptive training content based on already existing courseware.

The platform recommends customized navigation itineraries through the course content for each individual based on the specific student profile and the previous learning experiences of other students who already went through the same training materials.


HP >

Deliver the convenient, consistent service that your customers expect with technology solutions that you can count on. No matter how large or small your business is, HP Point of Sale Systems offer the power, performance, and flexibility you need to keep customers coming back for more.

Harvard Business

Harvard Business >

Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning partners with clients to create world-class leadership development solutions for managers at all levels in global organizations and governments. We leverage the management insight, thought leadership, and expertise of Harvard Business School faculty and Harvard Business Review authors to provide solutions that are relevant to today’s most pressing business challenges.


Follett >

For more than 140 years, Follett has been a trusted partner to pre-K and K-12 schools, districts, and college campuses, taking care of critical details that make it easier for schools to run, teachers to teach and students to learn. Follett serves over half of the students in the U.S., and works with 70,000 schools as a leading provider of education technology, services and print and digital content. Follett is higher education's largest campus retailer and a hub for school spirit and community.


Genius >

Genius SIS is a powerful web-based student information system designed to make a school operation easier, faster and more reliable. It manages your admission process, controls enrollments, provides information to students and parents, tracks students’ progress, improves your communication with students, and offers dynamic reports and much more.

FirstData Network

FirstData Network >

At First Data, we simplify the connections that make commerce possible. Every day, merchants, financial institutions and governments around the world rely on First Data to deliver the simple yet sophisticated solutions that help our customers thrive in the changing world of commerce and make the most of every transaction.


Envisionware >

EnvisionWare is Making Libraries Better™ by providing comprehensive self service and efficiency solutions for libraries that are designed to deliver exceptional public services to patrons and to improve the efficiency of library operations in order to free staff to deliver higher levels of personal attention to the public. We do this by developing trusting relationships with our partner libraries so that we may learn about the needs and then work together to deliver the best solutions.

Dropbox logo

Dropbox >

Together, Blackboard and Dropbox Education—the most widely used file sync and share product in higher education—have partnered to provide instructors and learners a simple and easy way to integrate their content securely stored in Dropbox directly into Blackboard Learn.

Entrust Datacard

Entrust Datacard >

Datacard Group is a leading provider of campus card identification solutions including printers, software, supplies, and services. Datacard is the most trusted brand in secure identity and issuance solutions worldwide. They continue to introduce innovative solutions to meet market demands that anticipate the needs of their customers and the markets they serve.



EFI offers government and university printing operations the best opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, maximizing the value you add to your organization. Our advance software solutions automate and streamline your operations allowing for an end-to-end approach to process improvement.


Compass >

Millions of people around the world rely on Compass every day to provide their breakfasts, lunches and dinners and make their lattes and cappuccinos. We serve their sandwiches, vend their drinks and provide their hospitality services. Our vision is to be a world-class provider of contract foodservice and support service, renowned for our great people, our great service, and our great results.

Blackboard and Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning >

Blackboard and Cengage Learning have partnered to streamline access to digital solutions and content within Blackboard Learn. Together, we are making it easier to access Cengage Learning’s digital products inside Blackboard Learn courses.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble >

Barnes & Noble College's mission is to create campus stores that are focal points for college life and learning, enhancing the educational mission of the school, enlivening campus culture, and delivering a strong and consistent revenue stream to our schools. Barnes & Noble College serves over 5.3 million students and faculty members, and operates 724 campus stores nationwide.

Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy >

ASSA ABLOY is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety, and convenience. Combine an intelligent locking system that is simple to install, easy-to manage, and fully-upgradable with the Blackboard Transact Platform to make security on your campus effortless.


Aramark >

Aramark is in the customer service business across food, facilities and uniforms, wherever people work, learn, recover, and play. United by a passion to serve, our more than 270,000 employees deliver experiences that enrich and nourish the lives of millions of people in 21 countries around the world every day.

AllPoint Network

AllPoint Network >

With over 55,000 ATMs, Allpoint is your single source for surcharge-free access coast to coast and around the world. Allpoint provides your cardholders with unmatched convenience and savings, and your institution with the tools to level the playing field as you compete for new accounts.


Apriva >

Businesses of all sizes and government agencies turn to Apriva for wireless payment processing and secure communication technology. With unrivaled security and support for over 40 devices and 35+ certified payment processors, there is no better partner that offers innovation, confidence and the freedom to choose.


Agilysys >

We’re much more than a menu of products and features. Agilysys is a service partner that specializes in helping foodservice operators find the right combination of end-to-end solutions for optimum productivity and profitability. Get faster. Get better. Get innovative answers, single-sourced from an established, financially robust supplier.


Allegion >

Allegion helps keep people safe where they live, work, and visit. Allegion is pioneering safety as a provider of security solutions for homes and businesses through 23 global brands. Allegion specializes in security around the doorway and beyond: everything from residential and commercial locks, door closers and exit devices, steel doors and frames, to access control and workforce productivity systems. Allegion’s portfolio includes strategic brands LCN®, Schlage®, Von Duprin®, and aptiQ®.

A.N.D. Technologies

A.N.D. Technologies >

Pcounter is being used at many schools all over the world, from well-known prestigious universities to high schools, secondary schools, school boards, university and public libraries. Students can use a lot of paper, whether they are printing out multiple drafts of research papers or surfing the web. Pcounter enables academic sites to eliminate print waste completely.

365 Retail Markets

365 Retail Markets >

365 Retail Markets is the global leader in MicroMarket technology. 365 Retail Markets offers the best-in-class platform for vending, foodservice, and hospitality. The company has been pioneering innovation in the vending industry since 2009.

VitalSource Bookshelf logo

VitalSource Bookshelf >

The shift from print to digital is well underway as educators and students seek engaging, streamlined reading experiences to achieve their learning goals. That’s why VitalSource Technologies, the world’s leading e-textbook provider, and Blackboard have partnered to deliver all the benefits of the VitalSource® Bookshelf® within the Blackboard Learn platform.

Copia logo

Copia >

Blackboard and Copia have partnered together to bring the traditional syllabus to life. With Copia Class, faculty have access to a powerful platform to deliver customizable and collaborative content directly within Blackboard Learn. Faculty can easily create an engaging learning environment that fully aligns with course objectives by leveraging the comprehensive content library, dynamic discussions, and personalized feedback. To ensure faculty are supported each step of the way, Copia provides individualized services to create instructional experiences that meet the changing needs of educational partners today.